Composite, Vinyl, and Low Maintenance Deck
and Porch Railings

Railings are an important detail of deck and porch construction. They must be safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

There are nearly infinite ways to add railing to your deck project. We'll guide you through the process of selecting the best railing system for your project based on several factors that you probably never even thought of! We want to make sure you love your railing design and that it works for your lifestyle. With railings, it's important that form follows function.

Modern synthetic railings are manufactured in a variety of different methods and each system has its own unique advantages. The most common railings we use are:

Our extensive product knowledge gives us the ability to create distinctive railing designs for you by mixing and matching railing products from different railing manufacturers. This provides a very unique look that will give your deck a flair that your neighbors' decks don't have.

Custom Stone Columns, Railing Posts and Support Posts

Be the envy of your neighborhood with stone columns. We can customize the size, shape and style of the stone columns to match the exterior of your home. This is a beautiful way to enhance your outdoor living space and add character to your deck.

Our custom built stone veneer columns are the real deal! You won't find any hollow fiberglass or foam stones on our columns. We can add limestone or bluestone caps, lighting or even integrate the columns with a bench design or an outdoor kitchen. Our 3D design and rendering process can show this exciting new method of adding railings to your deck or porch.


Incorporating stone into your deck project is a surefire way to make your deck the talk of the town.

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Top Features of a new Bergen deck:

  • Web-based project management
  • 3D Design and rendering
  • All plans and permitting
  • Engineered helical piers instead of concrete footings
  • Steel Framing instead of unstable wood
  • Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • Strong and safe staircases
  • Years of future enjoyment!