Patios and Firepits

While you may think a company called "Bergen Decks" only builds decks, you're wrong! Whereas 25 years ago an outdoor living space was typically either a deck or a patio, times have changed. Modern backyard design often integrates the both decks and patios to create an efficient, flowing transition from the interior space of the home to the yard itself.


"If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."

Nowadays, this saying really rings true in outdoor construction. Contractors that only handle hardscaping like patios, walkways, and retaining walls are going to look at every project they approach from one side, when in reality, the best design for your needs might need to have a deck, a shade structure and some hardscaping to make it come to life. Those types of contractors generally don't have the ability to blend different methods of construction, so you can end up with their "go-to" materials which may not really be the best way to design the project. Your best interests are not being served by a "one-trick pony" contractor.


The Best of Both Worlds

At Bergen Decks, we look at the backyard as blank canvas and are able to blend building materials and techniques to create a plan that is open, inviting and functional. We can show you an animated 3D walkthrough similar to a video game where you can walk through your new backyard before the first shovel is put int the ground!

Often times, our decks connect to patios or walkways, so it makes sense that we design the project properly from the start and handle all its phases to simplify the process for our clients. It's efficient and cost effective. We've installed all types of hardscaping for our clients and sometimes, believe it or not, we don't even build a deck!

We regularly install the following types of hardscaping:



There's nothing quite like an open campfire. Firepits bring families together and create fond memories every time we gather around them.

Whether you're toasting marshmallows or relaxing with a glass of wine on a brisk night, firepits are a great feature to have in your backyard design. A firepit makes your backyard the backyard that people will love to visit so we have several cost effective designs we can easily integrate into your new backyard project.

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Top Features of a new Bergen deck:

  • Web-based project management
  • 3D Design and rendering
  • All plans and permitting
  • Engineered helical piers instead of concrete footings
  • Steel Framing instead of unstable wood
  • Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • Strong and safe staircases
  • Years of future enjoyment!