Low Voltage Deck and Landscape Lighting

Today's decks have become entertainment spaces that carry the homeowners' style from indoors to the great outdoors and lighting is usually requested by nearly all of our clients for aesthetics and safety.

Setting a mood

Traditional spotlights or carriage lights attract insects and are usually too bright to create the right mood for casual entertaining. We install low voltage lighting on the majority of our deck projects as it's popularity has practically made it a standard "must have" item for our clients. The mellow lighting of low voltage lights does not attract insects and provides just enough light for you and your guests to see each other without being overpowered.

Light the way for safety

Low voltage lights do more than just make your deck and patio look nice at night-they make your outdoor area safer too! Whether we are illuminating a walkway, staircase or a change in levels, our outdoor lighting ensures your family and guests won't be stumbling through the backyard at night.

Our low voltage L.E.D. lights can also be retro-fitted to most existing decks too!

L.E.D. Low Voltage vs. Traditional Incandescent
Low Voltage

As Bergen County's premier deck builder, we are accustomed to being on the cutting edge of the industry and offering products most contractors don't even know about.

For years, 12 volt low voltage lighting systems have utilized traditional incandescent light bulbs in each fixture. While incandescents provide a nice quality of light, they have a few drawbacks. Without getting too technical, our main gripe with incandescents is shorter bulb life and the constant need to replace costly, hard-to-find bulbs.

L.E.D. lighting technology is a giant leap for deck lighting systems. The lights draw much less power, are completely impervious to water and moisture, and use an easy to conceal transformer that we are usually able to hide from view. The best part is that L.E.D lights do not use bulbs!

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Top Features of a new Bergen deck:

  • Web-based project management
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  • Engineered helical piers instead of concrete footings
  • Steel Framing instead of unstable wood
  • Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • Strong and safe staircases
  • Years of future enjoyment!