Maria S.

Category: Complete Projects
Location: Washington Township, New Jersey
Products Used: Natural Stone

This project's owner was an architect who knew what she wanted, but didn't know how to go about building it!

The client had an existing concrete patio in a small courtyard that she didn't like and a deck that was literally rotted through. Not wanting to have her small townhouse backyard turn into a completely hardscaped area, she opted for a recessed natural cedar deck that would soften the backyard. The trick was building a deck with a surface that was flush with the grade.

We developed a custom solution where we excavated the area, installed underground drainage, and a compacted gravel bed for a foundation. We utilized Bison deck supports to build the deck framing on that were low height and cost efficient.

Upon building the deck, we installed a border to create flower beds, and added synthetic bluestone as a veneer over the old concrete and stairs.

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